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Are American Jews Supportive of Israel | The Jewish Press – JewishPress.com | Visitor Writer | 4 Sivan 5784 – Sunday, June 9, 2024


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Mar 21, 2024
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Picture Credit score: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90


A Donald Trump yarmulke offered on the Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem, August 27, 2023.

By Al Weinstein

The issue with Trump jokes:

Republicans don’t suppose they’re humorous, and Democrats don’t suppose they’re jokes.

It looks like a no brainer. After all they’re. Why even ask this query?

Perhaps as a result of over latest months we’ve seen Jews marching with and supporting pro-Palestinian protestors: Senator Schumer has come out for a stop fireplace; J Road has couched the issue as considered one of Israel’s making as a result of the Palestinians don’t have a homeland.

The Palestinian place is a bit totally different. It’s that they need a homeland however would love all of the Jews to be killed. It’s of their constitution.

Jews are continually bending over backward and rationalizing. The opposition doesn’t rationalize. They need Jews lifeless.

The upcoming election is successfully between Biden and Trump. Normally, we don’t like Biden however as Jews, basically, we completely despise Trump.

Biden was unequivocally supportive of Israel–till he wasn’t. When he began getting pushback from his Progressive anti-Semites he did a full-court press on Netanyahu attempting to get him to simply accept a cease-fire after which not assault Rafah which might have successfully granted Hamas a victory. As a follow-up, Biden then withheld arms shipments as punishment for non-compliance. Luckily, Netanyahu resisted him. Biden’s motivations seemed to be political. The one factor in life that Biden has been good at is politics. Now that there’s been a backlash and he’s realizing that the pro-Palestinians are usually not forgiving him anyway he has introduced resuming arms to Israel. However he’s nonetheless courting each side. His coverage just isn’t coherent. Trump regardless of his latest conviction (we’re nonetheless undecided what he was convicted of) appears to know the Gazan state of affairs extra clearly.

Trump when president presided over the Abraham Accords, moved the American embassy to Jerusalem and did many different issues on behalf of Israel. And but 80% of American Jews who take delight in being liberals helped elect and voted for Biden who has performed nothing for Israel. Trump commented on this lack of gratitude and was criticized for it. Biden has been each supportive and condemning of Israel on the similar time.

Paradoxically, the primary individual within the Democratic Social gathering who’s forcefully talking out for Israel is Senator John Fetterman who’s not Jewish. Who’da thunk it.

Notice: Israel doesn’t goal civilians, they aim Hamas. Israel doesn’t rape and so they don’t indiscriminately homicide. Hamas hides among the many very civilians on whose behalf they purportedly began this battle so predictably as Israel assaults Hamas warriors civilians are hit. It’s battle.

Hamas focused Israeli civilians in essentially the most merciless and cruel methods. Many appear to have forgotten or a minimum of put it on the again burner that over 250 hostages had been taken, together with many aged, girls, and youngsters. Over 130 are nonetheless hostage. One can solely speculate as to the horrors that these hostages are nonetheless experiencing. However all of the dialog is concerning the Palestinian civilians who elected Hamas and largely assist what they did on October seventh. And all of the strain is on Israel who’s responding to an unprovoked bloodbath.

When Iran was threatening to assault Israel just lately Biden, Blinken, and Austin all had the identical warning for Iran which they issued forcefully. “DON’T”. Properly, Iran did and predictably Biden didn’t reply, much like Obama’s risk to Syria to not once more use poison fuel on their civilian inhabitants. Syria did and Obama did nothing.

However after I converse with my many American Jewish buddies the subject is solely Trump. They’re not proud of Biden or Harris however can’t get to supporting Trump. And the feedback about Trump include each disparaging factor they will say about him. With nice emotion and heavy utilization of four-letter phrases.

When Iran was threatening to assault Israel just lately Biden, Blinken, and Austin all had the identical ominous warning for Iran. “DON’T”. Properly, they did, and predictably Biden didn’t reply. Much like Obama’s risk to Syria to not once more use poison fuel on their civilian inhabitants. They did and Obama did nothing.

It ought to be famous that Trump has already served a time period as president and all of the horrible issues his detractors mentioned about him didn’t come to cross. He didn’t begin any wars and the world was much more peaceable than it’s as we speak. The financial system was good, fuel costs down and steady and he creatively dealt with the immigration and Afghanistan conditions. Crime was nowhere the place it’s as we speak.

And there’s this challenge with the worldwide guidelines of battle. Hamas micro-waved infants, raped girls and ladies in entrance of their households, and slaughtered 256 unarmed civilian concertgoers utilizing military-grade weaponry but it’s Israel below intense scrutiny and worldwide condemnation. No different nation that may have suffered the sort of terroristic assault like October seventh can be scrutinized and criticized this fashion. The world and Biden are unfair to Israel.

It’s an undisputed proven fact that Israel is way extra militarily highly effective than Hamas. Or that Israel would have retaliated for the horrific assault from Hamas. However someway Israel is predicted to rise to an not possible commonplace and never solely not have interaction within the barbarism that Hamas inflicted however ensure that Palestinian civilians are usually not harmed regardless of serving as shields for the perpetrators. And there’s the expectation that Israel makes efforts to provide or permit provides to the very Palestinians who search their demise. It’s been reported that Hamas is definitely impeding the switch of provides to its individuals and likes it when the Palestinian physique rely goes up for propaganda functions.

And who can we hear this from, none aside from President Joe Biden who can’t appear to resolve what to do and when. He threatens to cease arms to Israel after which we discover they’re despatched. He’s attempting to fulfill each the pro-Palestinian Progressives and the much less radical Democrats together with the Jewish Democrats who’ve by and huge turn into timid.

The technique of Hamas, which sadly is working, is that although Israel is extra succesful militarily they have to be prevented from with the ability to make the most of their army in a approach that may obtain a victory. Solely strain and unity among the many sane and truthful individuals of the world together with our personal Jews may help get this resolved. There have to be a approach for Israel to place sufficient strain on them to affect the choice. This isn’t prone to occur below Biden or the Democrats. So the following election may have huge repercussions for Israel and Jews. We’d higher make the best determination.

Some might hate his character and demeanor and issues he says however the prospect is that Trump shall be much better for Israel than Biden. That’s not a excessive bar.

Whereas Hamas continues their evil quest which has continued since 1948 to disclaim Israel their existence in defiance of worldwide regulation we as American Jews are usually not being vocal sufficient and never demanding the Jewish elected officers be stronger with Biden and the Democratic Social gathering. Cowering from the Progressives just isn’t a superb look. The truth is, we preserve making excuses for them.

And we have now did not make the case to all of the pro-Palestinian ignorants on the market who’ve been misled into believing that Israel has its land unjustly. Many of the pro-Palestinians are clueless and weak to the lies that Israel usurped their land.

If Jews actually assist Israel, phrases and emotions are usually not sufficient. You must vote and be vocal about it. In any other case, we aren’t actually supporting Israel and we share the blame for the struggling they, our fellow Jews, endure. At the moment Jewish American assist for Israel is at finest equivocal. This should change to absolute and unequivocal assist.
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